Explore Our Unique Flavors

At Siempreviva, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of flavors that bring a taste of the world to your event. Each flavor is crafted with passion and precision to provide a unique taste experience.

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Our Flavors

Indulge in rich, velvety chocolate with a tantalizing hint of spice, creating a perfectly balanced and exotic treat.

siempreviva chocolate

Relish the zesty, invigorating taste of lemon, paired with the nutritious crunch of chia seeds for a light and refreshing vegan ice cream.

siempreviva lemon chia

Delight in the tropical sweetness of ripe mangoes, enriched with the satisfying texture of chia seeds in this refreshing vegan sorbet.

siempreviva mango chia

Experience the deep, complex flavors of traditional Mexican mole, blending chocolate and spices for an unforgettable ice cream adventure.

Dive into the creamy, smooth texture of ripe avocado, transformed into a luxurious and unique ice cream experience.

Savor the vibrant, earthy flavors of turmeric and ginger, perfectly complemented by the crunch of chia seeds in this golden, plant-based delight.

Enjoy the refreshing burst of mixed berries combined with the wholesome crunch of chia seeds, creating a sweet and tangy vegan treat.

Revel in the rich, aromatic flavors of traditional Mexican coffee, infused with cinnamon and piloncillo, offering a unique and energizing ice cream experience.

Refresh your palate with the bright, minty notes of a classic mojito, enhanced with the subtle crunch of chia seeds in this invigorating vegan treat.

Indulge in the luscious taste of ripe cherries blended with a hint of rum, capturing the essence of a classic daiquiri in every scoop.

Working With us is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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  • Step 1:

    Explore Our Flavors

    Dive into our diverse selection of flavors, each crafted to offer a unique taste experience. Whether you’re in the mood for the creamy delight of Avocado or the vibrant punch of Mango Chia, there’s something for everyone.

  • Step 2:

    Book your event

    Book some time with us below, we will contact you to discuss the details! We ensure that our ice cream reaches you in perfect condition, ready to be enjoyed.

  • Step 3:

    Enjoy and Share

    Indulge in your chosen flavors, and share the joy with friends and family. Our ice cream is perfect for any occasion, from a quiet night in to a festive celebration.

Craft Unforgettable Experiences

Visualize your guests’ delight as they savor the unique and delectable flavors of Siempreviva ice cream. Envision the conversations ignited by the surprising taste of Mole or the exotic allure of Cherry Daiquiri. With our catering, your event transforms from a simple gathering to a celebration of taste and diversity, creating lasting memories beyond the final scoop.

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Opt for Excellence, Minimize Stress

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Don’t jeopardize your event with ordinary, uninspired catering. Choose Siempreviva to ensure every moment is brimming with joy, flavor, and unforgettable experiences. Eliminate the stress of mundane options and treat your guests to the finest artisanal ice cream.